About Me

I'm kinda person who always love to learn new things, that's why I choose to be a developer by the way. And I'm a web developer for almost 2 years now. I mostly work using PHP as primary language, but, I also use another programming language uses for my "fun" project, mostly in Go (golang). I also know and sometimes write code using Python or even Bash for my tooling. For VCS, I prefer to use Git, and of course, terminal is just like my home since I uses Linux as my daily OS, seriously, it's fun :). For the server side, I experienced to use AWS technology, such as SWF, SQS, ECS, EC2, etc. Beside that, I also know Docker for containerization as well as how autodeploy and test-automation works.

Contact Details

Aji Nurul Yakin
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
ajiyakin91 --at-- gmail.com